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Be prepared for good laughs… and good scares at…

Halloween Town!

What, Where, When is Halloween Town…

We are excited to announce that the 5th annual Halloween Town is taking place on Saturday, October 25th, 2014! More than 200 enthusiastic volunteers are combining creative talent to bring this uniquely fun and fantastical experience to life. Be prepared for good laughs… and good scares!!
Halloween Town is being hosted by Purity Spring Resort on the grounds of Tohkomeupog, a summer camp for boys in East Madison, NH. Tohkomeupog is located at 2151 East Madison Road, near the junction of Eaton Road (Rt. 153) and next to King Pine Ski Area.

Halloween Town has been designed with the desire to offer kids an opportunity to enjoy… what some of us remember from childhood…Traditional Halloween Fun. By that I mean, the ability to walk around a “neighborhood” and visit houses in trick-or-treat style.

Tohkomeupog has a number of rustic cabins which will be theatrically transformed in preparation for this truly unique event. Halloween Town features a Kid Carnival, Petting Farm, Food Court, Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides, Entertainment, Amusement Rides… and the incredible, “Trick-or-Treat Trail!”

Event History…

  • Year 1 (2009) approximately 300 people explored the haunted pathways of Halloween Town
  • Year 2 (2010) numbers soared, with over 1,200 visitors.
  • Year 3 (2011) numbers soared again, with over 2,000 visitors.
  • Year 4 (2012) numbers soared yet again, with an estimate 3500 visitors.

  • Year 5 (2013) we are expecting an enthusiastic turnout  – we  hope to see you there!

Event Purpose…

This unusual event is being presented in support of…The Laura Foundation for Autism and Epilepsy.  It helps spread the word! Halloween Town introduces the community to The Laura foundation.  We are a non-profit organization with an important and inspired mission: to enhance the lives of individuals living with autism and epilepsy.

It helps raise needed funds! Money is raised through corporate sponsors, food & souvenir
sales, amusement rides, and voluntary donations at the event. There is No Admission Fee to Halloween Town – this includes the Trick-or-Treat Trail and the Carnival Games!

It helps us reach for our goals! We are in the process of developing an Adaptive Sports and Recreation Center, located in Madison, NH – the first of its kind based in New England. It will be largely utilized by the disabled populations in New Hampshire and Western Maine.

Event Hours…

  • 3:00PM: Food Court, Kid Carnival, Amusement Ride – 8:00PM
  • 3:00PM: Petting Farm & ‘Halloweenie Walk’ – for non-scary trick-or-treat fun! – 7:00PM
  • 4:00PM  Trick-or-Treat Trail – until 8:00PM (Halloweenie Walk portion of trail will close earlier)

Some of the Fun Event Details…

Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides: Balloon Rides are available at Halloween Town thanks to the support of REMAX realtors and AmeriGas. There is a ticket fee (and liability release) to ride the Hot Air Balloon – all ticket money goes directly to The Laura Foundation. Weather dependant.

Petting Farm: Several local farms are bringing animals (i.e. goats, sheep) for kids to pet and possibly feed. For the well-being of the animals, this part of the event is weather dependant.

The Kid Carnival: located under the Big Tent, features a Bouncy House, Face Painting, and an array of Carnival Games. Some games will be just for fun, others for small prizes. Our thanks to the Key Club at Kennett High School for helping run the carnival games.

Entertainment: We are working on getting a variety of local talent to participate in Halloween Town. This may include Story Tellers, Vocalists, Musicians… and maybe even a few Magic Tricks. What would Halloween be without tricks?! Entertainers will be situated at select locations throughout Halloween Town – a schedule of performances will be posted in the Town Centre.

Amusement Rides: In 2011 we introduced the Dizzy Dragon to Halloween Town. This very kid friendly ride was a big hit and will likely be making an encore appearance this year. There is a ticket fee to ride the Dizzy Dragon – all ticket money goes directly to The Laura Foundation.

Food Court: Items, such as Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Chicken Fingers will be available for purchase. For those of you craving more traditional carnival food; Fried Onions, Apple Crisp, Pizza and Popcorn will also be offered, plus a variety of baked goods – all money goes directly to The Laura Foundation.

Trick-or-Treat Trail: The Trick-or-Treat Trail is comprised of an atmospherically lighted pathway guiding “trick-or-treaters” throughout camp to visit a series of Halloween-themed cabins. Halloween surprises, (candy, treats, knick-knacks), will be offered at each cabin. The trail is over ½ mile in length.

There are a total of about 25 cabins / haunted areas situated along the trail. The interior of each cabin is being transformed with a specific theme in mind. Visitors will be invited inside each cabin to look around and experience whatever the hosts have dreamed up.

Along the trail, visitors may pass through spooky areas intended to add to the chill and thrill of the adventure. However, while parts of the Trick-or-Treat Trail are strongly rumored to be haunted, this is designed to be a kid-friendly event.

In general, the trail is set up such that cabins become progressively scarier. Cabins will be designated by level of scare, ranging from “not scary at all”… to “potentially causing panic”. There is always the option to skip a cabin or haunted area if it appears to be too scary.

The “Halloweenie Walk” will visit the first 4 cabins on the trail, designed with our youngest trick-or-treaters in mind. That is, they will be transformed for fun, rather than fright… and will be appropriate for visitors of all ages; little ones are most certainly welcome.

The final 4 cabins on the trail will be the scariest, and will be located on a separate portion of the trail, know as “The Scarea”. Truth is, however, that it is difficult for us to guess what will be scary to any specific visitor. What makes one person laugh, may make another scream and run.

What age kids will enjoy Halloween Town…?

The Kid Carnival is being designed around younger kids; ages 4 and up. Some of the games will be fun for 4-year olds; some will be fun for 10-year olds as well. Personally, I think they are all fun! The Petting Farm and The Halloweenie Walk are appropriate for all ages.

The remainder of the Trick-or-Treat Trail should be suitable for most elementary school to middle school aged kids. Again, some cabins may be scary to some kids. For that matter, some may be scary to some adults as well. Balloon rides are pretty cool for all ages! It’s all in good fun…

Candy available along the Trick-or-Treat Trail is primarily intended for the kids. While many adults also come to enjoy Halloween Town, we ask that adults refrain from gathering candy. We just want to have enough for the kids. Candy is made possible through the support of Hannaford’s of North Conway.

What should we wear…?

Halloween Town will take place, rain or shine… so trick-or-treaters should dress appropriately for the weather. Parts of the trail wander through dark and forested area; appropriate footwear is strongly recommended. Flashlights may be useful; please use with discretion so as not to disturb the spirits!

Costumes are not required, but would certainly be appropriate… and we would love to see them. At the same time, overly bulky costumes may inhibit kids from being able to enjoy such features as the Bouncy House… or the Haunted House (tight corridors and confined spaces)

Rain or Shine – how will rainy weather affect Halloween Town…?

Most of the haunted areas are located inside cabins, which are protected from the weather. Carnival games will be set up under a big tent. Food vendors will also be protected from the weather… or simply moved inside the camp lodge. Please keep all fingers crossed we don’t get a random blizzard.

Heavy rain may inhibit certain components of Halloween Town; some of the animals in the petting farm are weather dependant. Also, tethered balloon rides may be suspended in the case of foul weather.  However… it has been proved that this is a great event, regardless of Mother Nature’s mood!


The Trick-or-Treat Trail will be monitored by members of our volunteer ‘Ghost Patrol’, many of whom are also active on Ski Patrol at King Pine. Ghost Patrollers will wander the trail and assist as necessary. Of course all cabin hosts, even the scarier ones, will be looking after the safety of the kids.

East Madison Road will get busy as people drive through camp to get to Halloween Town. All pedestrian crossings will be guided on established cross walks, monitored by volunteers. We ask that all visitors to Halloween Town respect barriers, fencing, and directional signage designed for safe pedestrian flow.

On the chance an emergency does arise, a first aid station will be located near the Food Court. In the past, Madison Rescue has maintained a presence at this site to be available for assistance. While cell phone service is poor at Halloween Town, we will be able to call for more assistance if needed.

Where should we park…?

There will be NO parking available at the event itself. Cars will be directed to park in one of the King Pine Ski Area parking lots. Transportation between parking areas and Halloween Town will be available by Shuttle Bus, provided by Purity Spring Resort. Walking is also permitted.

A section designated as ‘handicapped parking’ will be blocked off, yet available for visitors needing extra assistance. This area will be located in Halloween Town, and monitored by volunteers. We are expecting a big turnout for this event and will make every effort to facilitate parking.

This event sounds incredible, how are you pulling it off…?

Response to the idea of Halloween Town has been enthusiastic and supportive from its onset. It will be successful because there are many people who feel a strong & sincere connection to The Laura Foundation… through family, friend or business… and who are committed to this effort.

Many Tohkomeupog alumni, Purity Spring Resort employees, and Mount Washington Valley community members are pulling together to help create Halloween Town. In fact, we have well over 200 volunteers combining creative efforts and enthusiasm to bring this event to life.

Beyond the many spirited volunteers, many local businesses and organizations are assisting us with materials, props, food, and funds. Because of their support, we are able to invite the kids of Mount Washington Valley and beyond to Halloween Town without charging any admission fee.

Do we need money to enjoy Halloween Town…?

As mentioned above, thanks to the support we have received from the community, there will be NO Admission Fee for this event. We want the kids to come and enjoy! There will, however, be opportunities to spend money at Halloween Town.

The Food Court will be open starting at 3:00PM – lots of yummy options to consider. There may be souvenir items for sale. Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides and Amusement Rides (Dizzy Dragon) will require purchase of a ticket. Remember – all proceeds from sales will benefit the Laura Foundation.

There will also be opportunities at Halloween Town to make personal donations directly to the Foundation. We hope you will appreciate and enjoy this event so much that you will consider making a voluntary contribution. We can use all the support we can get – please consider helping us out.

It is our hope that Halloween Town will offer kids a safe and entertaining way to enjoy the holiday… and that it will continue to be an annual tradition in the valley. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me at Halloween Town Headquarters: 603-367-4010.

Steve Harding
Vice President – The Laura Foundation
Happy Halloween!!
Life is BOOO tiful!